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Our team of experienced, specialized electromechanical door hardware and access control sales professionals are the best resource a Security Systems Integrator or their door hardware installation crew will find. U.S. Security Supply’s management team has  more  than 50 years combined experience in door hardware applications and access control security systems integration. We know electromechanical door hardware and access control applications and we will help you win more projects and increase your profit.

  • Aaron Stewart
    Aaron Stewart Account Manager - Pacific Northwest Territory
  • Cary Pena
    Cary Pena Inventory Control Manager/Purchasing
  • Chad Mulvey
    Chad Mulvey Account Manager - Dealer Accounts - Northern California Territory
  • Cherise Gallegos
    Cherise Gallegos Account Manager - Southern California Territory
  • Lisa Pray
    Lisa Pray Accounting
  • Patrick Marsengill
    Patrick Marsengill President & CEO
  • Sandy Jackson
    Sandy Jackson Accounting
  • Sean Lokey
    Sean Lokey VP Sales
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